Demonstone, a PSX-styled FPS. Updated for the 32-Bit Spring Cleaning Jam of 2022!

Created by Enoh32 & DarthDementous.

Some things, like art or sound, was either taken in part or in full from the OpenGameArt website. 99% of the art was created by me from scratch. Half the sounds came from OpenGameArt. Voice acting by DarthDementous. Music by myself. Anything taken uses some version of the CC (creative commons) license.


Supports Gamepad/Controller


WASD / Left stick - Move

Space / A-Button - Jump

C / B-Button - Toggle crouch

LMB / R-Bumper - Slash Attack

RMB / R-Trigger - Power Attack

Q / Left D-Pad - Select PREVIOUS power

E / Right D-Pad - Select NEXT power

SHIFT - Walk

Known issues:

  1.  Minor stuttering at start of level
  2. Trackpad doesn't work properly, use a mouse if you can.
  3. Sometimes you can't use the right side of the options menu while in-game
Updated 23 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags32-bit-jam, 3D, First-Person, FPS

Install instructions

All downloads are in zip format

Windows: Just extract the zip into its own folder.

Mac: Extract the app file into its own folder.

Linux (Courteously of SeaLiteral!): Unpack the files, then go into the unpacked directory and right-click the file called demonstone_linux.x86_64 and click properties. Then go to the permissions tab and check the "runnable as a program" checkbox


Download 21 MB
Download 21 MB
Download 34 MB
Download 19 MB
Download 20 MB

Development log


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- I love the texture/geometry glitches. Is this a custom software renderer?

- once you cross the yellow door, if you kill a guard from behind, the other guard doesn't react to his dead friend on the ground

- a guard got stuck inside a pile of boxes somehow, and can't turn around to shoot me

- it's possible for a guard to get stuck on a stationary scientist. this seems to happen consistently at the start of the first guard room after the second cutscene.

- tactically, it seems easiest to aggro then run behind a corner and wait for them to run up to you within left-click range--feels fun but also a bit cheese as well. They don't seem to shoot at all if they are too close to you? Not sure what's going on. They seem to be trying to path *through* the demon's center of mass.

- it's trivial to launch yourself off the map with fire grenade, lel. The game doesn't react to this condition either. Luckily restart seems to checkpoint you at the most recent cutscene.

- it's possible for guards to get stuck on wall corners

- love the death animation--reminds me of Star Wars the Phantom Menace (1999) (and I'm sure many other games)

- fantastic music

Thanks! I used the Godot engine for this project and some custom shaders to emulate the various PSX effects.

The AI is definitely a little too cheesable and they aren't very aware of eachother. They don't understand the concept of "obstacles" at the moment xD. There is also no condition for shooting at the Demon while trying to go to his last known position, which is what lets you cheese them around corners.

The grenade thing was expected, but I wasn't able to fix it in time for the jam. I'll tend to it after the voting has ended.

I am very glad you liked the music :)

A full game would be cool, this is a damn fun 2 minutes

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Hiii, I've made a video about the game, hopefully it is useful to you ^^


The game is very good in terms of action. However, IMHO, the game could feature more areas, weapons, items and collectibles, in addition to bosses and in a story way. Anyway, the work is very good. Kudos to that.

Thanks for playing the game! Since it was made for a jam, I don't exactly plan on expanding on it as is. I am, however, working on a new project that has a similar theme and takes and expands on some of the ideas from this game. I'll keep the feedback in mind for that.

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i feel like i am playing it on ps1 (with smooth controls) , Great game bro,

I  enjoy it

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!


Cool stuff! Way hard boss tho considering no savepoint (I know I know jam game and such)

Nice controls considering Godot!

Indeed, I wanted to do a save system but didn't have time... thanks for the feedback!